Tri United 1



Tri United 1 is the first of four (4) events in the TriUnited series and is held inside SBMA. To start things, off, the calm waters of Dungaree beach is where the 1.5km single loop swim leg takes place. A mostly flat race course on smooth fast roads , the two-lap bike course rewards the most aero tucked rider on Argonaut Highway and Airport Road before heading back to the Transition area near Dungaree Beach. Triathletes then run towards the container area and back twice for a total of 10km before crossing the finish line.

Set on the first weekend of March, this is the race most triathletes participate in to start off their triathlon season. Triathletes get a glimpse of how hard they trained during the off season or how much harder they have to work for that PR.

If you’re new to the sport and would like to experience what it is like to swim, bike and run, you can join the sprint category which also goes through the same but shorter route as the standard distance race.