Trek 100 Challenge


  1. The organizer will provide race numbers (1 for the jersey a sticker for the helmet and bike frame) and must be properly attached to their jersey and helmet (Front).
  1. All participants must report at least 20 minutes before the start of the race and sign on the starting list at the starting line. Rider/s who did not sign will be considered did not start (DNS) and therefore deemed withdrawn from the day’s race. Signing on will be closed 10 minutes before the start of the race.
  1. Helmets must be worn at all times during the race proper.
  1. Food and drinks along the race route will be provided by the race organizer at the designated area specified at the route map. Anyone caught receiving food/drinks from outside support at any part of the race course will be disqualified.
  1. If rider/s arrive beyond their scheduled time of departure, rider/s shall be allowed to start but his/their time will be the same following the program.


  • Team vehicles are not allowed at any part of the race course.


  • Team supporters may not hand out food and drinks. Race organizers will provide food and drinks at 20km interval.  
  • Participants may not seek outside mechanical assistance.
  • Teams or individuals will be disqualified if caught receiving food, drinks or mechanical assistance from outside support.

1) Drafting
Drafting off another bicycle, motorcycle (eg technical official) or motor vehicle is forbidden.
The draft zone of a bicycle is a rectangle 7 metres long and 3 metres wide. It is the length of approx 4 riders (see illustration below).
Do not enter this draft zone unless you are attempting to overtake.
Overtaking must be completed within 15 seconds.
When the front wheel of the rider overtaking passes the front wheel of the passed rider, the passed rider must slow down & stay 7m clear.
Overtaking must be done ON THE LEFT SIDE.

2 Man and 4 man Team Time Trial categories may draft with their teammates. However drafting with members of other teams are not allowed.

2) Blocking
When a passed rider does not fall back after his front wheel  has been overtaken and challenges the pass.
Blocking is also cited when a passed rider has not yet fallen back 7m and attempts to re-pass the rider that has just overtaken him.
Staying on the middle to left lane while riding, technically blocking the path for faster riders to pass.

3) Illegal passing
Rider is cited when one overtakes on the right side (close to the shoulder).

4) Single File
At all times, riders must stay to the right in a single file formation, unless a road disruption is present.
If a rider crosses road lanes to the opposite direction endagering oncoming traffic, he is cited for Center line violation.


Drafting (fellow competitors)
  1st Offense
2nd Offense
3rd Offense
-           Stop & go plus 1 min time penalty
-           Stop & go plus 2 mins time penalty
-           Stop & go plus Disqualification
Drafting (non competitors/ Vehicles)
  1st Offense -           Disqualification
Outside support (food, drinks & mechanical)
  1st Offense -           Disqualification
Pushing a teammate from behind
  1st Offense -           Disqualification

All time penalties from various infringements or violations by participating riders shall reflect on the results.

Note: Any infringements/violations committed by riders and other participating officials not mention herein, UCI rules shall decide.

Team Uniform (2 person and 4 person Team Time Trial)

  1. Riders are required to wear only the team’s official uniform.

Team Time (2 person and 4 person Team Time Trial)

  1. All members of the team must cross the finish line.
  2. Team time will be the time of the last rider.
    1. 2 person Team Time Trial team – 2nd rider
    2. 4 person Team Time Trial team – 4th rider


  1. Road Bike
  2. Triathlon / Time Trial Bicycles
  3. Gravel Bikes / Cyclo Cross bikes

Illegal Equipment:

  1. Ear Phones / Music device
  2. Electric Bicycle
  3. Fixed Gear Bicycles
  4. Bicycles with missing/malfunctioning front or rear brakes