Musa Man TriDavNor



This race is organized by:    The provincial government of Davao del Norte
                                                Missy Hilario
                                                Tri Team 300
                                                Cyborg Entertainment

Race Director:  Fr. Jay Jacinto

For queries, you may contact Missy Hilario at 0917 804 0424 or



  1. All athletes are to verify their registration and claim their race kits at the Registration area on June 23, 2017 (Friday) from 8:30AM until 4:00PM and on June 24, 2017 (Saturday) from 8:30AM until 3:00PM only.
  2. Please take time to check all items inside your race kit. (Swim Cap, wrist band, Helmet Sticker, Bike Sticker, timing chip, Race Bib and  transition bags for your bike and run gears.)
  3. For late hotel accommodations and transportation arrangements to and from the swim start area, please approach the information booth / secretariat committee at the registration area.
  4. Prior to bike check-in, bike mechanics will be available near the registration area to check on your bikes. (Minimal payment may be required.)
  5. Race Briefing attendance is a must at 5PM, June 24, 2017. Venue will be at the RDR Gym inside the Davao del Norte Sports Complex.
  6. Prior to the race briefing there will be a Catholic Mass celebration at 4:00PM inside the Mega Tent  beside Davao del Norte Sports Complex.


  1. Bike check-in will be before the race day (June 24, 2017) from 10am to 4:30pm.
  2. Helmet and bike gear bag may be brought on the morning of the race day.
  3. Scheduled transportation provisions are available from the registration area to T1 and back.
  4. Only the bike owner / athlete is allowed to check-in / check-out their bikes at the transition areas.
  5. Bike Check-Out will be at 11:00AM on June 25, 2017.


  1. Athletes body numbering will be done at 4:30am - 5:30am near the T1 area on the race day.


  1. There will be two transition areas, that is, from swim to bike (T1) and from bike to run (T2).
  2. Please familiarize yourselves of the traffic flow in the transition areas.
  3. Only participants of the race are allowed to enter the transition areas.
  4. Security Guards and marshals will be deployed in the area.
  5. Transition 1 opens at 4:30 AM and closes at 5:45 AM
  6. Transition baskets will be provided. Make sure your gears are in your designated baskets especially at T1 since all gears from T1 will be transported to T2. Have them labeled with your race numbers including your bike pumps.
  7. Run gears must be dropped-off at the drop-off area near the registration area on June 24, 2017 until 7pm only. Our transition team will just drop them off at the designated baskets at T2.
  8. Shuttle service will be provided from T1 to the swim start on the race day.


  1. The swim course is a 1.5 km point to point route at the Banana Beach towards Lanikai                  Beach at the Hijos Resort.
  2. Swim warm up is at 5:00 AM. Ten minutes before the gun start all athletes must be out of the water.
  3. 6:00 AM will be the gun start for the first waive (elite category) and 6:05 AM for the second waive (men age group) and then 6:10AM for the third wave (women age group and relay category)
  4. Athletes are to swim at the right side of the lane lines.
  5. No swim cap, no body number and no timing chip means no swim policy.
  6. No wetsuit shall be allowed. only speed suits and tri suits will be allowed.
  7. If for any reason after the swim start there is a need to cancel the swim leg, you will hear             continuous whistle sound. Do not panic. Follow the direction from the water safety marshals. Make your way to safety.
  8. Should you decide to withdraw from the race before or during the race please notify the race officials and surrender your timing chip.
  9. If at anytime you need assistance in the swim leg please raise one arm above your head but do not wave. Swim marshals will approach you.
  10. Please do raise your arm also if you see another athlete in distress to alert the swim marshals.


  1. The Cut-off time for the swim leg is one (1) hour after the swim start.
  2. Any athlete who is still unable to finish the swim course in one hour will not be allowed anymore to continue the race.


  1. Swimmers of the relay category after the water exit will have to proceed to the relay category holding area and pass on the timing chip to the biker to continue with the bike leg.
  2. Race Officials will monitor and list down your race numbers.


  1. The bike course is 40 kilometers flat road.
  2. Bikers exit the transition area after the swim leg going out of the Hijos Resort and then turn right first.
  3. There will be one water station at the bike leg half way. Bikers who would like to refill their water bottles at the water station should slow down, stop and dismount from their bikes. No water bottles will be given at the water station. Athletes must bring their own water bottles.
  4. The roads will be all yours as we will have a total road closure.
  5. But please observe traffic rules. always use the right side of the road and be aware of the markers and warning signs specifically for the race.
  6. Rest assured that there will be traffic enforcers, safety marshals, ample markers and directional signs to guide you and lead you towards T2 area.
  7. We highly advise however that you familiarize yourselves with the bike course.
  8. There will be SAG vehicles and ambulance to collect athletes who decides to withdraw from the race or for those who cannot continue anymore with the race.


  1. Always ride on the right side of the road.
  2. Always pass on the left.
  3. Always move right after pass.
  4. Do not block other athlete’s progress.
  5. Do not ride side by side.
  6. Never cross the center line.
  7. Do not litter.
  8. Never ride with MP3 players/phones/cameras
  9. This is a NON DRAFTING event.
  10. Unless overtaking, 7 meters must be kept between yourself and the bike in front of you at all times.
  11. When passing, complete pass within 15 seconds and observe 2 meters distance beside the bike you are passing through.
  12. Drop 7 meters back after being passed by other bikers. It is only then that you can make a pass also.
  13. Respect local traffic rules and other vehicles on the road at all times.
  14. No drafting on vehicles/motorcycles on the road.        


  1. will show you a yellow or red card for a violation committed on the bike course.
  2. will serve you right away the penalty corresponding to the violation committed.
    (2 mins for drafting violation and 2 mins for blocking violation)
  3. will mark your race bib for every violation.
  4. Three penalties of any kind will result in disqualification. Participants will be allowed to finish the bike course but will no longer be permitted to run.
  5. DO NOT ARGUE WITH THE DRAFT MARSHALS AS IT WILL ONLY LENGTHEN YOUR TIME DELAY. Do acknowledge the card and the penalty served.


  1. Time limit for the bike course is 3 hours and 30 minutes after the swim start or at 9:30 AM.
  2. Any athlete who has not completed the course by this time will no longer be allowed to run.


  1. Bikers of the relay category after the bike course will have to proceed to the relay category holding area at T2 and pass on the timing chip to the runner to continue with the run leg.
  2. Race Officials will monitor and list down your race numbers.


  1. Run course is a One (1) loop 10 kilometer flat road.
  2. Runners will turn right after exiting the T2.
  3. Please take note that at the turning points a wrist band will be given to indicate that you have completed the course. Without the wrist bands at the finish line, runners will be disqualified.
  4. There will be eight water stations equally distributed along the run course.
  5. Marshals and medical team will be roaming the run course to ensure order and safety of the participants.


  1. A runner may run or walk to complete the course.
  2. Athletes must not receive any outside assistance.
  3. No Ipods, thumps, headphones, cellphones, or cameras.
  4. Keep your torso covered at all times.
  5. No umbrellas.
  6. Shoes are required.
  7. Have your Bib number visible on the front.
  8. No littering.
  9. Respect local traffic rules and other vehicles on the road at all times.


  1. Finish line cut-off time is 5 hours and 30 minutes after the start of the swim or at 11:30AM.
  2. Athletes who failed to cross the finish line at this time will be disqualified.


  1. Upon crossing the finish line you will be presented with your Finisher’s Medal.
  2. Please respect the moment of every athlete crossing the finish line.
  3. Crossing the finish line with a non-participant is strictly prohibited for safety reasons.
  4. Finisher’s shirt shall be claimed individually by the participant at the Finisher’s Shirt booth.
  5. Transition Area opens for the Bike Check Out at 11:00AM.
  6. Awarding of winners will be at 11:00am
  7. Athlete winners in their category are advised to stay at the holding area until the                            awarding ceremony.